Intervention of Philippe Jourdan at the International School of Marketing of the Luxury

During an intervention at the International School of Marketing of the Luxury, Philippe Jourdan and Luca Solca (Exane BNP) presented the barometer exclusivity and desirability. This day allowed to approach various key points which emerge from the study on the perception of the luxury in the United States, the unexpected luxury brands in this study and the various particularities of the luxury market in the United States.


Philippe Jourdan’s contribution to the “Livre blanc” of Camille Jourdain : « social media listening : the noise signal »

« social media listening : the noise signal » is a result of a collective approach with expert’s meetings from different backgrounds, the document is fed by many accounts, including the ones of Emmanuelle Leneuf of FlashTweet, Philippe Jourdan, CEO of Promise Consulting, or Anna Walid.

Available to Kawa editions.

Night of Adetem : The 1st Research Award confirms the excellence of French Research in Marketing

Presented by Philippe Jourdan, head editor of the French magazine of Marketing, University Professor and founder of Promise Consulting Inc / Panel On the Web, and Pierre-François Brézès, VP & General Manager, American Express Global Commercial Payments.
The aim of the prize according to Philippe Jourdan, was to create a connection between the academic approach and the expressed need of marketers to find a source of knowledge, inspiration and innovation for renewed practices.

Place : The Pavillon Elysée, rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris.

Philippe Jourdan’s participation to the “Livre blanc” of the “Future of story telling”

Nowadays the consumer faces a multitude of data and information flows coming from a hyper- communication society that needs to choose between multiple options.

Agence 79C du storytelling.

April 12, 2016 : Dedication of the book « Le Marketing de la grenouille ».

Evening exchanges of best practices organized by Adetem, the pleasure of having a dedication of « Le Marketing de la grenouille » written by Philippe Jourdan, Valerie Jourdan and Jean-Claude Pacitto : Our 21st century is marked by a shift in consumers behaviors.
Location: Club des Jeunes Pros – Paris.
At 7.30pm.

April 12, 2016 : Philippe Jourdan on BFM Business : Trend Shopping – Paris overtakes the Hong-Kong as the first destination of Chinese to purchase luxury goods

Philippe JOURDAN, associate #PromiseConsulting, expert market research and advisor of luxury brands, analyze at #BFMBusiness the luxury goods consumption trends of the Chinese.

With Karine Vergniol presenter at BFM Business, Olivier Abtan, Associate Director and Global Head of Luxury BCG expertise and Jing Yang, founder of Bonjour Brand.
View the show following the link :

04 April 2016 – Conference « The Marketing of the Frog » : How to seduce changing consumers?

Intervention of Philippe Jourdan, author of « The Marketing of the Frog » which is the «one » in the circles of Marketing and Communication : Reveal the five consumers styles.

Location: Adetem Mediterranean Club .
At 06pm.