Launch of MY ENERGY by Any D’Avray

Any D’Avray launches into the nutritional supplements to improve the everday life and the beauty of the women, she comes out her range : My Energy. Philippe and Valérie Jourdan had the pleasure to participate in her day of launch.

Valérie Jourdan and Jérôme Monange participated in the 3rd editions of “The Paths of Innovation” and to the closing conference

Very productive discussions about our book “The Frog Maketing” and the future of communication.


Promise Consulting will be present at “The Paths of Innovation”

An event which is presented by L’Observatoire Com Media and the Richelieu Committee – to share its solutions of marketing surveys and strategical recommendations.

Valérie Jourdan is proud of being a guardian angel of the association “Everyone against cancer” and of the launch for the 2nd year of the food truck at the hospital

Thank you to Nicolas Rossignol, his team, the sponsors, the partners and the gracious volunteers.

The Resacralization of luxury

Philippe Jourdan – co-founder of #Promise Consulting Inc – will be there on Friday for the 5th edition of the « Cité du Luxe » to discuss about the topic « The Resacralization of luxury ». This event – organized by the luxury marketing school EIML – aims to identify the main challenges the luxury houses deal with today and precisely the notions of scarcity and accessibility. It is also the occasion for Promise Consulting Inc to introduce its Front Row Barometer about exclusivity and desirability of luxury goods within the fashion world.

Which Fashion Houses have the ‘Hottest’ brands?” | Thursday, February 2nd NYC

Brand temperature and how to measure it: discussion led by the founders of the Worldwide Barometer Exclusivity & Desirability of Luxury Brands Index Luca Solca, Head of luxury goods research of financial services firm Exane BNP Paribas. Luca is the #1 ranked analyst for luxury coverage and Philippe Jourdan, Partner at Promise Consulting, the premier luxury marketing research firm in Europe focused on measuring brand equity.

Conference «Luxury in the USA»: Desirability and Exclusivity of Top Luxury brands in the USA

«The brands of the Old Continent: do they still impress in the New World?»

Philippe Jourdan, #PromiseConsulting and Luca Solca, Exane BNP presented the results of the Barometer Front Row “Exclusivity & Desirability US”, devoted to the classification of 22 Luxury Brands the categories ​​ready-to-wear, bags and accessories in the USA. This conference, organized on September 15th, 2016 in the premises of EIML – Ecole Internationale du Management du Luxe -, was a huge success and united over 90 participants from the universes of fashion, luxury, consulting, communication and journalism.