Philippe Jourdan and Any d’Avray intervened to the IAE Gustave Eiffel

Philippe Jourdan, during one of its classes to the IAE Gustave Eiffel, invited Any d’Avry to make representation to his class of Master.

Valérie Jourdan gets back to Laurence Moulin, Yann Gouvernnec and Jérôme Monange in the context of Happy CEW

The CEW’s conference, around the theme of the digitalization and cosmetics, hosted about fifty guest enabling reunion.

This year Valérie Jourdan is the guardian of Any D’Arvray at the CEW

Valérie Jourdan is a member of CEW since January 2017 which is the first international network of the professionals of beauty. Today, it gathers 8000 members.

The french slip invents the made in France 3.0

Valérie Jourdan, CEO of Promise Consulting participated this morning in the fruitful discussions around the French know-how and the innovations in the textile sector. Since 2011, Le Slip Français is rewriting the rules of the textile manufacturing in France by making “Made in France” its core DNA and by relying on key values: transparency, quality and local production. In order to answer to the different questions about his projects both in France and abroad, Guillaume Gibault, the founder of the brand, a Breakfast was organized on Thirsday, 8th June 2017 by the Club Edouard VII.

Valérie Jourdan is meeting Laurence Moulin from CEW, Dominique Scalia and Catherine Boris during “The Paths of Innovation”

Some very pleasant friendships.

Valérie Jourdan participated in the dinner meeting about “The equation: Freedom + Responsibility = Happiness & Performance”

Alexandre Jost and Frédérique Roques facilitated the discussions.

Valérie Jourdan met Clément Lauriot-Prévost – co-director of Netjets Europe

Valérie Jourdan met Clément Lauriot-Prévost – co-director of Netjets Europe – just after his speech on the topic: “Towards a democratization of business aviation?”