French review of the marketing n°232 (2/5)

Editor: Philippe Jourdan

Articles of P. Jourdan, M. Brieu, F. Durif, J. Roy, I. Prim-Allaz, V. Tsapi, J-C. Gilardi, J-M. Tobelem, Ph. Augier, R. Jallouli, F. Raboudi.

New consumer, new marketing: the fighting consumer

Zoom on the fighting consumer, Jourdan P., Laurent F., Pacitto J-C, Collection: Fonctions de l’entreprise, Dunod, PARIS- 208 p.

The Essentials: commercial surveys and research

Jourdan P. and al.- Nathan.- 284 p.

French review of the marketing n°231 (1/5)

Editor: J-F. Boss

Articles of S.P Douglas, O. Badot, B. Cova, P. Hetzel, G. Lipovetsky, J-F Boss, J-P Aimetti, P. Wagner, M. Filser.

Philippe Jourdan is a member of the review panel.

Marketing Research

“Marketing Research: methods for research and surveys in marketing”, Gestion Sup / collection manager: Christian Pinson, DUNOD, PARIS, 521 p.

Education contest for the creation of innovative companies

“Education contest for the creation of innovative companies: the example of TELECOM and Management SudParis’ Entrepreneurial projects”, p. 127-137. Published within The Francophone Entrepreneurship: evolution and perspectives, directed by Yvon Gasse. Editions: L’Harmattan.

GRP (Gross Rating Point) and Internet

“GRP (Gross Rating Point) and Internet: a transposition without any risk?”, p. 290-296, published in : Surveys’ sampling and methods, directed by Pascal Ardilly (éd.). Paris: Dunod, Collection: Cours et cas pratiques, 375 p.