Monitoring Brand Assets©

You wish to measure your brand equity, evaluate and anticipate the impact of your decisions on your brand’s value.

“What is my brand’s worth today from the customer’s point of view? How is it perceived and which brand is it compared to?”
“What do people like about my brand? What makes it so special to them?”
“What wil happen if I launch this product? If I cut this budget?”

Monitoring Brand Assets (MBA) is a brand monitoring tool built around customers’ perception, as opposed to other purely financial performance-based tools.

  • It measures brand equity in a synthetic and consistent manner, thanks to predefined key indicators (24 total indicator under 7 indicator groups).
  • It predicts and anticipates the impact of future actions on the brand’s value, thanks to an advanced yet very intuitive simulation technology.
  • It monitors brand value over time and measures Return On marketing Investments over a period of time and the impact of these investments on the brand’s economic performance.