Flash hypnosis, or how to reveal the unsuspecting or semi-conscious motivations of the consumer?

Philippe Jourdan and Sylvain Flender from https://thenewanthropology.com/ presented their hybrid #deepinsight solution based on Flash Hypnose at our “breakfast” on November 15, 2022, at LaDurée https://www.laduree.fr/. This original approach, rewarded by the profession in 2020, makes it possible to explore consumers’ unconscious and semi-conscious expectations and innovate without forgetting to “crack the codes.”

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Faced with crises, the French consumer continues to be a Conso’Battant!

Determined to fight, it adopts today against brands and distributors strategies of resistance, guerrilla, not hesitating to procrastinate, playing the competition, preferring the subscription to the property, frequenting the short circuits, harassing the brands, being patient or simply doing without buying. More than ever, brands must, in turn, respond to new challenges.
This is how Philippe Jourdan portrayed the portrait of the Conso’Battant at our event on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at Mon Paris https://www.mon-paris.fr/.
A breakfast for businesses, decision-makers and brands in the wake of our book Le Marketing de la Grenouille https://business.lesechos.fr/directions-marketing/marketing/experience-client/021613336216-le-marketing-de-la-grenouille-206468.php

Between ethics of conviction and responsibility, what future for Ukraine today? / Les cahiers de la Bienfaisance

The news has revealed to us how fragile Europe is – the war is at our doorstep – but also capable of rebounding – a strong solidarity was established in a few days with the Ukrainian people invaded by Russian military forces: https://bit.ly/36ASlEB

Philippe Jourdan, and Valérie Jourdan are members of the Alchemists https://www.thealchemists.fr/https://www.thealchemists.fr/

Value and marketing of luxury brands in the face of the crisis

Xerfi Canal https://www.xerficanal.com/ received Philippe Jourdan, founder of Promise Consulting, professor at IAE Paris Est Créteil, to discuss the luxury brand evaluation and brand equity https://www.xerficanal.com/iqsog/emission/Philippe-Jourdan-Valeur-et-marketing-des-marques-de-luxe-face-a-la-crise_3749444.html

2021 luxury market update : it’s all about digital and China

What is the status of the luxury market and digital in this Covidised 2021 world? A little more than three years ago, Philippe Jourdan, one of the world’s leading marketing experts regarding the luxury market, told me that the role of digital in the luxury market was not as significant as one may have thought. I interviewed him a few weeks ago in order to better understand the current situation and assess how much it had changed under the pandemic. Let’s see what has happened in the past three years and more particularly in 2020-2021. Namely, with regard to the unstoppable rise of China in the luxury market. Above all, according to Philippe, attitudes regarding the online purchase of luxury products have changed dramatically during this crisis. All this might well end up alter consumers’ behaviours forever.




Julien Quidor Dit Pasquet, co-founder of the creative and committed agency The Good Company, created The Good Proof in partnership with Promise Consulting and The New Anthorpology. A tool to help brands identify, create and prioritize their CSR commitments.

64% of French people think a brand should communicate if it implements #CSR (corporate social responsibility) actions. Faced with this number, the mistrust of the same respondents is very high: 66% believe that the actions promoted are not a reality. This finding has accelerated since 2019, when they were only 49%. For Julien Quidor Dit Pasquet, co-founder of the creative agency The Good Company, “We are witnessing a responsible revolution where brands will be disrupted socially and environmentally on their responsibilities.


Luxury in crisis: creative destruction