La globalisation de la distribution peut-elle s’affranchir des particularités régionales ? Une étude de la pénétration sur le marché mondial de la beauté

Article de Philippe JOURDAN et Jean-Claude PACITTO, dans la Revue Française du Marketing , 2017/n°259.- p. 7-18


Regarding distribution, two marketing strategies are opposed: generalizing the establishment of similar outlets in all countries or promoting local adaptation to consider regional particularities. We are looking at which of these strategies – if any – is the most efficient. For this, we retain, among other factors, the nature of the point of sale («Who am I ? ») and its localization («Where am I ? »). In the end, our explanatory model of penetration concerns four factors, the nature of the points of sale, the geographical area, the relative number of points of sale, and the seniority of the establishment. The results of our model, applied to the market of cosmetic products, argue in favor of an intermediate approach, globalization tinged with local adaptation: the two factors, the nature of the points of sale and their localization, as well as their interaction are explanatory of the penetration of the retailing channels in the studied countries.

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