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The JNE – Insights, Intelligence and Innovation, the annual meeting place for marketing and research professionals, sets out to rediscover the consumer! The JNE 2020 aims to highlight experiences of collaboration/studies in order to support companies in conducting more adaptive marketing, closer to the life of the plural consumer.

The JNE will also seek to answer the following questions:
– How to make information more intelligible?
– How can we be more predictive of tomorrow’s consumers to better anticipate their behaviour?


Focus on China, with the second wave of Promise Consulting’s “Desirability & Exclusivity of Luxury Brands” Barometer, followed by a more global conversation with the authors of the book, Le Luxe Demain, around this desirability of luxury and its evolution.
Philippe Jourdan, will present the main findings of the second wave of the “Desirability & Exclusivity of Luxury Brands” Barometer on the Chinese market, with also a few highlights to remember about other luxury markets (Europe, US). After a first wave in 2015, this is an opportunity to take stock of the new entrants and exits, but above all to confirm the importance of Desirability and Exclusivity as indicators of the commercial and financial performance of these luxury brands.

Luxury: The new playground for Chinese customers

Published by CB News, 25 November 2019

Luxury brands are now facing strong demand from increasingly sophisticated Chinese customers. But what do they really want? What are their purchasing criteria and how do they find out about buying goods? To find out, the consulting firm Promise Consulting and the marketing and consumer research institute Panel on The Web went to the middle empire to survey the country’s most affluent consumers. And all the answers are in its 2nd barometer “Desirability and exclusivity of luxury fashion brands”.

Luxury is being redefined, its codes changing from one year to the next. Communication, brand accessibility, new retail strategies, if it remains a flagship sector for the wealthy, it also attracts the middle classes. But not surprisingly, it attracts above all very wealthy Chinese consumers. Thus Philippe Jourdan and Jean-Claude Pacitto from the Promise Consulting consultancy firm take stock of the new entrants and exits in this sector. And they confirm the importance of desirability and exclusivity as indicators of commercial and financial performance (for a brand).


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Desirability and Exclusivity Luxury Brands China 2019

This study is conducted by Alliance Berstein and Promise Consulting among the most affluent people in the luxury universe. It measures the desirability and exclusivity of brands in the world of fashion and luxury accessories. The first Chinese edition was conducted in 2015. So this is the second edition for China.

The presentation will be preceded by a short introduction on trends in the Chinese luxury market. The conclusions will focus on the challenges facing Western brands in the Chinese market in the coming years.

Presentation of the 2nd edition of the Front Row Barometer

Exclusive presentation of our 2nd edition of the FRONT ROW barometer on the desirability and exclusivity of fashion brands in China.
Key note speakers : Philippe JOURDAN, founding partner of PROMISE CONSULTING and Luca SOLCA for Alliance Berstein.

Location : lounges and terrace of the ALFRED SOMMIER hotel (https://www.alfredsommier.com/fr/)

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Sustainability? Sustainable development? CSR? Many terms that attract the interest of brands and retailers. But finally, what are Millennials waiting for in terms of brand engagement? Our exploratory study available in subscription to a large sample of Millennials, future collaborators of the luxury brings precious lighting in…

  • Refining the attitude towards luxury in general
  • Qualifying what makes sense for a luxury brand
  • Characterizing a purchase that makes sense vs. a senseless purchase


To discover how the Millennials, in their relationship to luxury, are very different from the “clichés” that sometimes describe them, we are pleased to send you a copy of the order form for this hybrid, qualitative and quantitative study.

The subscription includes :

  • A 1h30 presentation by Philippe Jourdan, founding partner, and professor of the universities in your premises in the Paris region with your team involved regarding the subject
  • A summary note (16 pages)
  • A presentation support in PowerPoint format illustrated with many examples that have marked the minds of this generation (37 slides)


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