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Radio interview with Philippe Jourdan in “La Libre Information”

Is it the role of brands to boycott Russia?

Market research is essential even if it is criticized/ Interview of Philippe Jourdan in Visionary Marketing

Visibility or representation of reality: you have to choose!

Communication-marketing: visibility or representation of reality, you have to choose!

Visibility or representation of reality, you have to choose!

 A deadly epistemological virus threatens the community of marketing and communication professionals: to confuse two very different concepts, visibility and representativeness: [CLICK TO READ]

The challenges of hybrid training: favouring made in local to made in elsewhere

Proud and pleased to contribute to the debate on #hybrid #training as part of the action desired by the Government to relocate know-how in France and the changes associated with The Post-COVID World.
Together with my two co-authors, Valérie Jourdan, and Jean-Claude Pacitto, we conducted a significant #survey on the #needs of businesses, both from the point of view of employers and employees, on the needs of hybrid training.

These results illuminate the context of the debate initiated by Jean-Michel Blanquer at the opening in Poitiers of the first school-enterprise university. Learn more [click here! ]

Luxury market in 2021: the irresistible rise of digital and China/ Interview of Philippe Jourdan by Yann Gourvennec of Visionary Marketing

What is the state of luxury and digital in the world in 2021?

More than three years after the CEW meeting, where Philippe Jourdan described a half-hearted impact of digital on the world of luxury and rightly urged us to “put digital back in its rightful place,” I interviewed him again to provide an update on the situation and assess how it had evolved during the pandemic. Let’s look at what has happened over the past three years, particularly in 2020-2021, and particularly the irresistible rise of China in the market. The very notion of B2B or B2C is at the heart of the marketing process. A market is the meeting of the supply and demand of luxury. And above all, according to Philippe, there has been a change in attitude towards luxury shopping on Internet sites. The B2B website is your company’s digital showcase. This is the easiest and most effective way to present your company’s products and services to future customers. During the #crisis, which ultimately changes behavior #sustainably.

Find the interview here: [CLICK HERE]