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Reach Through Media©

Volkswagen wishes to optimize its media investments by choosing the right communication channels. The German brand wished to arbitrate between classic media, non-media and digital channels.

The brand has contacted Promise Consulting to help the group make the right decision.

The potential automobile customers follow a complex purchasing path today: they are more informed, have a better knowledge, they are the ones to decide whether they engage with the brand or not and they make their own choices.

Classic advertising tracking methods have become insufficient for determining a multichannel touchpoint strategy.

Promise Consulting has designed an online diary dedicated to a community of users who intend to purchase a new car soon. This entirely customizable website allows users to report on a bi-weekly basis their purchasing path, their touchpoints connecting them to several brands and their thought process over time before and a few weeks after their purchase.

The results were analyzed and compared to major brands’ media and non-media plans, allowing our client to:

  1. Arbitrate between resources allocated to different advertising touchpoints
  2. Choose the right channels at each step of the decision making process
  3. Increase synergies and efficiency of online-to-offline actions
  4. Better understand new web-to-store and store-to-web behiavors


Thanks to its expertise and a made-to-measure tool, Promise Consulting allowed Volkswagen to increase its media ROI


This project was aligned with Volkswagen’s efficiency program. Overall, the brand’s goals were achieved: a 2.8% increase in turnover in 2014 for a 21% increase in net profit thanks to a cost reduction plan of 5 billion euros over 3 years.

This project received a Marketing Innovation Award from Marketing Magazine / SEMO.