Surprise rebound of industry in China, but a black scenario threatens

Published by CHANTAL LE ROUX, 19 APRIL 2020

Promise Consulting, a consulting firm, and Panel On The Web, a marketing, consumer and opinion research institute, surveyed 600 urban Chinese in the top 10% of households with the highest incomes between 26 and 29 April 2020. Three questions were asked as part of an international tracking study on the prospects for a rebound in household consumption worldwide following the #Covid crisis19 :

Frequency with which individuals engaged in a range of economic, cultural and social activities before the Coronavirus crisis.
Slowing down of each of these activities compared to the rate before the Coronavirus crisis.
Anticipation of a return to normality within the next 15 days.


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Chinese takeover, benevolence for the World?

Published by Henri Lastenouse – The Alchemists, April 14, 2020

What might the gradual exit from containment in China look like and will it be benevolent to its economic partners? Recent economic statistics from China seem to reveal a gradual recovery in activity, but also a desire, already strong before the pandemic, to reduce China’s economic dependence on the outside world.
Thus, local economic activities such as shopping in the city, or going out to restaurants, are at the heart of the recovery. The sectors of everyday consumption (food, clothing, etc.) are the items in which Chinese consumers are most confident. The probability of a return to normal is more than 50%.


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Are we really at war with a virus?

Published by La conversation, March 16, 2020

On the evening of Monday 16 March, French television channels interrupted their usual programmes to broadcast the speech by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. These speeches remain rare and embody a symbolic dimension for the power. They take place during great moments such as Christmas or the national holiday, but also in the context of extraordinary circumstances. They contain a setting, a décor, music with the national anthem, images of the presidential palace or the European and French flags.


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The Bernstein luxury analyst, Luca Solca, embarked on an original exercise with the support of Promise Consulting: the demonstration of the development of a highly calibrated lexical field in the annual environmental reports of luxury companies on the last exercises.

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Luxury: the shock of photos, the weight of words

Published by Anthony Bondain | Zonebourse, July 23, 2019

Good connoisseurs of the Luxury sector (with a capital L) know that the current dominant companies, the Hermès, LMVH or Kering, have built their strategy on the move upmarket. This is the case for their products, of course. But it also applies to what they say. “The weight of words, the shock of photos”: Jean Cau’s famous formula, abandoned by Paris Match about ten years ago, could very well be taken up by the industry to define its brand strategy.
In 2019, when it comes to the Luxury Goods industry, nothing illustrates products better than the superb images offered in the press or on the Internet by the various brands. However, the written word is becoming increasingly important, even if it is less visible than the rest. “Brands are increasingly tending to anchor the stories they tell in craftsmanship and sustainable development,” explains Luca Solca. The analyst in charge of luxury at Bernstein has embarked on an original exercise with the support of Promise Consulting: the demonstration of the development of a highly calibrated lexical field in the annual environmental reports of Luxury Goods companies over the last few years.


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REFERENDUM AGAINST ADP PRIVATIZATION: “a scenario that goes beyond fiction”

A strong majority of French citizens of voting age (57%) are ready to vote on the RIP, and 69% of them are against the privatization of ADP.

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Gael the Bellago questions Philippe Jourdan and Jean-Noël Kapferer.

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