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The relationship to time, a new variable for segmenting expectations in the world of luxury tourism

Philippe Jourdan, Jean-Claude Pacitto et Jérôme Kokou Afangnibo for the International Marketing Trends Conference, Roma, 2022/ 20-21 January 2022


While the relationship to time has been thoroughly studied, its multidisciplinary nature makes its operationalization in marketing complex. We adopt the perspective of cultural anthropology to define three dimensions of the concept, legendary, modern, and precursor time. We validate an indirect measurement model of the time construct using photo-elicitation. We use this model to develop a typology of expectations, coupled with emotions, in the high-end tourism sector. Four profiles emerge the enriched nostalgic, the proud rebel, the fascinated explorer, and the challenge seeker. We finally discuss limits and extensions to other industries.

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Customers as ‘partial employees’ of service organizations

Article co-written by Philippe Jourdan and Valérie Jourdan, Elgar Encyclopedia of Services, p. 295-296.

The Encyclopedia of Services is a ground-breaking resource that offers a unique overview of what constitutes the primary source of wealth and employment in our contemporary economies: services.

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The levers of commercial performance as part of a strategy of internationalization of retailing: longitudinal modeling in the beauty sector

Philippe Jourdan and Jean-Claude Pacitto in Management Studies, 2021/vol.9, n°2.- p. 107-113

The academic literature has focused more on the competitive performance of #retail brands than on their commercial performance per see and the antecedents. Our #research study examines the factors that impact #commercial performance by addressing two questions: does the commercial version of a cosmetic retail brand depend on the country in which it operates (Where I am?) and depends on the nature of the circuit (Who I am?)?

Key words: #commercial performance, #marketshare, #retailing, #international marketing, #branding