FRANCE AND COVID19 : Disconcerted by successive announcements, the French continue to deconsumer.

Wave 4 of the Promise Consulting Barometer | Panel On The Web

At this time of the year, the French, disconcerted by the successive health measures taken by the authorities, confirm a downward trend in consumption.

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Webinar of July 27, 2020

Webinar on the outlook for business recovery in France and China: our exclusive analyses with Alliance Berstein. #rebound #economy #market research!

What are the prospects for a rebound in France for cultural, social, food, beauty and luxury activities?

How to bounce back after the COVID crisis: the state of French morale and the path to reflection

What are consumers’ expectations in terms of consumption today? What behaviors will continue? Are aspirations for the essential, for the green exploding even more than before? Promise Consulting will share its rebound index, measured at the beginning of confinement, at the end of confinement and now in stage 3 of deconfinement. This webinar will not only provide assessments, analyses and trends at this stage 3 of the post-confinement but will also decipher the levers of the rebound in consumption and the communication strategies to adopt.

E-Beauty Day: Special “GO STRONGER TOGETHER” Edition

This global health crisis has created an unprecedented shock, the full economic and societal repercussions of which are still difficult to grasp. In this context, how can we move forward?

In order to go further and to strengthen ourselves together, the WEG organizes a special edition of its Beauty Day and mobilizes experts, institutions and business leaders, members and partners of the WEG.

In the spirit of this day, professional and caring, they will share their questions, analyses, latest figures and solutions they see for our beauty sector.


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France and #COVID-19 – Wave 3

1 month after the release of the confinement: a clear will to break with the austerity of the confinement, even if the resumption of consumption is still timid!

Results based on 800 people surveyed between 05/06 and 09/06 and representative of the French population.

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Can we hope for a return to consumption in France? (Wednesday 24th June)

Fragrance Talks: On Wednesday 24th June, Philippe Jourdan, looks back at the third wave of his study and tells us whether we can hope for a return to consumption in France.


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