Conference «Luxury in the USA»: Desirability and Exclusivity of Top Luxury brands in the USA

«The brands of the Old Continent: do they still impress in the New World?»

Philippe Jourdan, #PromiseConsulting and Luca Solca, Exane BNP presented the results of the Barometer Front Row “Exclusivity & Desirability US”, devoted to the classification of 22 Luxury Brands the categories ​​ready-to-wear, bags and accessories in the USA. This conference, organized on September 15th, 2016 in the premises of EIML – Ecole Internationale du Management du Luxe -, was a huge success and united over 90 participants from the universes of fashion, luxury, consulting, communication and journalism.

Promise Consulting – Conference “Luxury and China”: challenges and issues for 2016 and after

Philippe Jourdan, partner and founder of #PromiseConsulting, and Chunyan Li, senior consultant, China specialist, have presented an exhaustive overview of the perspectives and issues on the luxury Chine market.

Place : L’Adjugé, within the prestigious auction sale house Drouot.

A nice meeting with Serge Trigano during a discussion about “The new deal of tourism”

Very useful exchanges to understand the genesis of the MAMA SHELTER Project.

Conference «New risks for new lifestyles» : Organized by the LAB from 9:00 to 12:30am

Intervention of Jean-Claude Pacitto, co author with Philippe Jourdan Jourdan and Valerie of « the Marketing of the frog »
Location : Paris.

Conference : The Marketing Of The Frog, presented in Paris

An instructive discussion concerning the Fighting Consumer that has not let the marketing participants insensitive due to their highly solicited Twitter networks. Organized by Visionary Marketing on behalf of its customer #Promise Consulting and the authors of the book : Philippe Jourdan, Valérie Jourdan and Jean-Claude Pacitto.  #marketingdelagrenouille

Philippe and Valérie Jourdan shared the learnings of their book “The Frog Marketing” with the CMIT

Nice discussions and dedications. Thanks to Jean Denis Garo.

Conference “Luxury and China: Challenges and Opportunities”

By Pr Philippe Jourdan
Cafe Restaurant l’Adjujé – Hotel #Drouot – 75009 PARIS
Decembre 1th 2015 from 8 :30-10 :30 followed by a visit of Drouot provided by Mr Jean-Philippe Allardi, auctioneer and director of the Formation Drouot’s Center. Thank you to the many customers and guests present.