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1st Research Award RFM / @ADETEM under the patronage of American Express confirms the excellence of French Research in Marketing

Philippe Jourdan, president of the jury of this first edition, sincerely thanks the multidisciplinary jury of nine members, consisting of academics and professionals, French and Francophone (2 Swiss, 1 resident in Switzerland and one resident in San Francisco), for their adopted scientific assessment process based on the following criteria: originality of the subject, mastery of literature, rigor of the scientific and methodological approach, coherence of the argumentation and finally, the paper’s managerial contributions and its usefulness for Marketing professionals.

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Output of the book : “Entreprendre une introduction à l’entrepreneuriat”, written by Frank Jansen with contributions from Jean Claude and Philippe Jourdan Pacitto Promise Consulting.

“With my colleague Jean-Claude Pacitto, we wanted to dismantle a misconception that SMBs do not have marketing approach. In fact, they adopt today a unique marketing approach, pragmatic, often based on confrontation the observation of the terrain and marketing strategy developed… “, explains Philippe Jourdan CEO of Promise Consulting.

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Promise Consulting will share expertise on luxury in China And will present his book “The Marketing of the Frog” At the Spring of Studies

Promise Consulting, a marketing consulting firm specializing in the optimization of brand strategies, announces a three-fold participation in the flagship event of April:  Spring of Studies (#SpringofStudies) Professionals in the area of surveys and marketing and opinion studies.
The Spring of Studies will be held on 14 and 15 April at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. The opportunity to attend key conferences and workshops to monitor and understand the evolutions and innovations of a booming sector.

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MARKETING THE FROG : New brand strategies for new consumers

What are the trends and challenges of brands in 2016? He will be digital at the heart of their strategies? Philippe Jourdan, Valerie and Jean-Claude Jourdan Pacitto three recognized experts in marketing, publish an original work in the deliberately provocative title ”  The Marketing of the Frog, new brand strategies for new consumers  .” An inventory uncompromising: consumers become conso-wing, have changed faster than brands and marketing can die tomorrow the frog syndrome! Packed with examples, leaning on baseline studies, this book is a plea for a redefinition of strategies and marketing tools to win back consumer declined by 5 portraits robots.

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Christmas 2015 and the first consumer trends : From the minimalist to the touch-of-all, who are the new consumers ?

A few days of the holiday season, Philippe Jourdan, Valerie and Jean-Claude Jourdan Pacitto three recognized experts in marketing, publish an original work in the deliberately provocative title ” The Marketing of Frog, new brand strategies for new consumers. “

Faced with the emergence of digital and social and economic crises, this book invites to rethink consumer behavior and their relationships to brands and retailers and raises many questions:

* Growth does not restart: Is the conso-beating charge?

* The store front to the actors of e-commerce: the revenge of “Brick & Mortar” and signs in their own name.

* Christmas shopping under the sign of Minimalism or the Jack of all opportunist?


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COP21 and sustainable development : What challenges for brands and luxury brands in particular?

On the occasion of the opening of the COP 21 at Le Bourget this weekend, many brands have chosen to communicate about their initiatives for the fight against global warming and, more generally, around their commitment to sustainable development. Corporate funders and partners are natural leader but should they be the only ones concerned?

   * We remain convinced that it is in the interest of the strong brands of tomorrow – and not only in the energy sector – to take the initiative in the fight against global warming. Any process of production and consumption is destructive of resources. Now the brand ethic is today inseparable from a strong need expressed by consumers: to satisfy our “want” purchase without endangering the existence of future generations. This is an implicit pact , inseparable from any brand ambition.

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Black Friday : The market ethics questions!

The Black Friday event imported from the United States, and held this Friday 27 November, was an opportunity for retailers to increase their sales to the Christmas holidays approach. However, in the present context, it had to keep the Black Friday ?

* Black Friday: an unfortunate name in the context of the dramatic events lived in Paris?

* Was there not strong opportunities to mobilize around positive values ​​by renaming the event?


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