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Partnership with The Good Company

The Good Company, in partnership with Promise Consulting and The New Anthropology, is launching a tool to help brands…

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FRANCE AND COVID19 : Disconcerted by successive announcements, the French continue to deconsumer.

Wave 4 of the Promise Consulting Barometer | Panel On The Web

At this time of the year, the French, disconcerted by the successive health measures taken by the authorities, confirm a downward trend in consumption.

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Post-Covid France: a still timid recovery in consumption

Published by Cosmétique Mag, on 20 July 2020

The French remain cautious and for the moment favour spending on activities with a social vocation, as if to forget about confinement.

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France and #COVID-19 – Wave 3

1 month after the release of the confinement: a clear will to break with the austerity of the confinement, even if the resumption of consumption is still timid!

Results based on 800 people surveyed between 05/06 and 09/06 and representative of the French population.

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The challenge of luxury touring blocked: conquer Chinese shopping in Asia

How to restart global luxury shopping? “Recovering the Chinese question, at the home of the Chinese: this is the subject on which all the fashion house will have to practice in the coming months, or rather years”, Luca Solca, an analyst from Bernstein who has put under the lens with Promise Consulting, tells L’Economia, the trend of the recovery of luxury at the time of Covid 19 (the latest survey photographs the situation between 6 and 10 April).



“What makes it more difficult for China’s economy to recover is the ban on travel inside and outside the country.”

The Chinese economy is experiencing a historic downturn, with gross domestic product falling by 6.8% in the first quarter of 2020. This fall casts doubt on Beijing’s ability to meet its annual growth target of 5.5%. Philippe Jourdan, marketing professor and CEO of Promise consulting, comments on these figures on RT France.



A disruptive global context

While the health and economic crisis had not yet completely broken out in France on 4 March, the words of the speakers at the 18th Luxury and Design Summit are today taking on a particular resonance in this period of confinement.

In this respect, I would like to pay tribute to the masterful thinking of Bertrand Badie, professor at Sciences Po. The analysis you will find below not only helps us understand the disruptive global context in which the luxury industries will have to build their future development strategies, but also deciphers the weaknesses of our economies in the face of COVID-19.