Round Table at LUXE PACK MONACO on Monday, October 2, 2023, hosted by Philippe JOURDAN, Founding partner of Panel On The Web and Promise Consulting.

Sustainability: the new desirable luxury

The BIG GREEN: evening discovery of innovations in CSR and networking

Achiever Awards 2023 CEW France

CSR when you hold us! Participation in the morning organized by Stratégies

In the wake of our #thegoodproof initiative and our committed #csr studies, we had the pleasure of participating in the morning organized by #strategies: brands on all fronts https://www.myeventnetwork.com/agenda/conference-strategies-rse-les-marques-sur-tous-les-fronts !

Retail Tour in Paris to identify trends

Beauty Business conference by CEW France

Philippe Jourdan concluded the beauty and business morning of #cewfrance with his sociological perspective and data on innovation. https://cew.asso.fr/

#DeepInsight or how with flash hypnosis identify the unsuspecting or semi-conscious motivations of the consumer?

Philippe Jourdan, university professor, founder of Promise Consulting, an expert in branding and #brandequity measurement, and Sylvain Flender, anthropologist and hypnologist of https://thenewanthropology.com/ presented us their methodological approach #Deepinsight based on #Flash #Hypnosis during our “breakfast” on January 26, 2023, at Mon Paris https://www.mon-paris.fr/.

This innovative, hybrid approach makes it possible to identify consumers’ unsuspecting and semi-conscious motivations, innovate, test customer journeys, and explore the imaginary.