Luc Wise, The Good Company: “Great statements are useless if they are not followed through. Walk the talk, as the Anglo-Saxons say”.

Published by The Good Proof, 4 January 2021

Elected “Advertiser of the Year” and his agency The Good Company founded in 2019 “Agency of Tomorrow” at the 41st edition of the Grand Prix des Agences de L’Année, Luc Wise gives hope. And for good reason, The Good Company is an agency with a very committed DNA, which promises to accompany the change of advertisers from all sides through the prism of responsible and engaging communication. In addition, this Good agency is launching a programme dedicated to the thousand possibilities of CSR: The Good Proof. To begin 2021, the editorial team wanted to know its vision of the market, its CSR roadmap, the challenges overcome last year and the objectives of the year to come. In your sights, good advice is available in interviews.


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Internship: student manager

  • Internship for a desired duration of at least 3 months
  • Fixed-term or permanent contracts are possible depending on the profile
  • Level of studies: Bac +4 minimum (business school)
  • Degree studies in the field of marketing preferred
  • Location of the mission : 76-78 rue Saint Lazare – 75009 PARIS – M° Trinité ou Saint Lazare
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Partnership with The Good Company

The Good Company, in partnership with Promise Consulting and The New Anthropology, is launching a tool to help brands…

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Aiming for hybrid training

Published by Ilec, on 16 October 2020

The health crisis and the resulting economic crisis have increased the need for vocational training in all sizes of companies in most sectors. Interview with Philippe Jourdan, Head of Master 2 Business Engineers, Paris Est Créteil, Partner of Panel on the Web, Promise Consulting, Valérie Jourdan, President of Panel On The Web, Promise Consulting, and Jean-Claude Pacitto, University of Paris Est Créteil.
What training needs has the health crisis revealed in companies?


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FRANCE AND COVID19 : Disconcerted by successive announcements, the French continue to deconsumer.

Wave 4 of the Promise Consulting Barometer | Panel On The Web

At this time of the year, the French, disconcerted by the successive health measures taken by the authorities, confirm a downward trend in consumption.

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Webinar of July 27, 2020

Webinar on the outlook for business recovery in France and China: our exclusive analyses with Alliance Berstein. #rebound #economy #market research!

What are the prospects for a rebound in France for cultural, social, food, beauty and luxury activities?