In the jungle of good intentions, real or supposed brand commitments, how do you find your way around? Who to believe? Should we communicate or not? The Good Company, with Promise Consulting and The New Anthropology, offers a new tool: The Good Proof. With three areas of expertise: those of The Good Company in brand consultancy, those of Promise Consulting in market research and customer intelligence and those of The New Anthropology in design thinking and exploratory collective reflection. “Labels, standards, products, services, sourcing, employer branding… the possible fields of intervention for a company in terms of social and environmental responsibility are potentially very vast. At a time when brands are more than ever called upon to take a stand on responsible issues (cf. the current events surrounding the Pact Law, companies with a mission or the Etats Généraux de la Communication), the question of which initiatives to put forward is urgently raised” explains Luc Wise, CEO and Founder of The Good Company. Several advertisers are already beta-testing this new tool.


Presentation by Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) IAE GUSTAVE EIFFEL – PARIS EST Campus Studio IAE

Proud to introduce you to the M2 Business Engineers. Prestigious and involved professionals and academics, motivated and passionate students, have made this course the most renowned 2nd Master in France in its category. For those who want to join us next year, a short presentation by the Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) IAE GUSTAVE EIFFEL – PARIS EST Campus Studio IAE


Aiming for hybrid training

Published by Ilec, on 16 October 2020

The health crisis and the resulting economic crisis have increased the need for vocational training in all sizes of companies in most sectors. Interview with Philippe Jourdan, Head of Master 2 Business Engineers, Paris Est Créteil, Partner of Panel on the Web, Promise Consulting, Valérie Jourdan, President of Panel On The Web, Promise Consulting, and Jean-Claude Pacitto, University of Paris Est Créteil.
What training needs has the health crisis revealed in companies?


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FRANCE AND COVID19 : Disconcerted by successive announcements, the French continue to deconsumer.

Wave 4 of the Promise Consulting Barometer | Panel On The Web

At this time of the year, the French, disconcerted by the successive health measures taken by the authorities, confirm a downward trend in consumption.

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Webinar of July 27, 2020

Webinar on the outlook for business recovery in France and China: our exclusive analyses with Alliance Berstein. #rebound #economy #market research!

Post-Covid France: a still timid recovery in consumption

Published by Cosmétique Mag, on 20 July 2020

The French remain cautious and for the moment favour spending on activities with a social vocation, as if to forget about confinement.

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What are the prospects for a rebound in France for cultural, social, food, beauty and luxury activities?