Flash hypnosis, or how to reveal the unsuspecting or semi-conscious motivations of the consumer?

Philippe Jourdan and Sylvain Flender from presented their hybrid #deepinsight solution based on Flash Hypnose at our “breakfast” on November 15, 2022, at LaDurée This original approach, rewarded by the profession in 2020, makes it possible to explore consumers’ unconscious and semi-conscious expectations and innovate without forgetting to “crack the codes.”

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Are the French resistant to change? / Tribune co-wrote with Jean-Claude Pacitto

We must evaluate change not in a purposive way, repeating over and over again that it is necessary and content ourselves with this assertion, but by examining in depth the practices implemented, the consequences of the change on staff, on customers, and, from a global perspective, on the company as a whole:

Faced with crises, the French consumer continues to be a Conso’Battant!

Determined to fight, it adopts today against brands and distributors strategies of resistance, guerrilla, not hesitating to procrastinate, playing the competition, preferring the subscription to the property, frequenting the short circuits, harassing the brands, being patient or simply doing without buying. More than ever, brands must, in turn, respond to new challenges.
This is how Philippe Jourdan portrayed the portrait of the Conso’Battant at our event on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at Mon Paris
A breakfast for businesses, decision-makers and brands in the wake of our book Le Marketing de la Grenouille

Radio interview with Philippe Jourdan in “La Libre Information”

Between ethics of conviction and responsibility, what future for Ukraine today? / Les cahiers de la Bienfaisance

The news has revealed to us how fragile Europe is – the war is at our doorstep – but also capable of rebounding – a strong solidarity was established in a few days with the Ukrainian people invaded by Russian military forces:

Philippe Jourdan, and Valérie Jourdan are members of the Alchemists

Is it the role of brands to boycott Russia?

The relationship to time, a new variable for segmenting expectations in the world of luxury tourism

Philippe Jourdan, Jean-Claude Pacitto et Jérôme Kokou Afangnibo for the International Marketing Trends Conference, Roma, 2022/ 20-21 January 2022


While the relationship to time has been thoroughly studied, its multidisciplinary nature makes its operationalization in marketing complex. We adopt the perspective of cultural anthropology to define three dimensions of the concept, legendary, modern, and precursor time. We validate an indirect measurement model of the time construct using photo-elicitation. We use this model to develop a typology of expectations, coupled with emotions, in the high-end tourism sector. Four profiles emerge the enriched nostalgic, the proud rebel, the fascinated explorer, and the challenge seeker. We finally discuss limits and extensions to other industries.

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