Participation in the 6th edition of the “City of Luxury”

Promise Consulting was present for the 6th edition of the Cité du Luxe, to testify to the profound transformation that luxury goods distribution is undergoing today.


Philippe Jourdan speaks at the Assises de la Promotion on the theme “At the time of the fighting consumer, what strategies for brands and consumers?”

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Philippe Jourdan intervened during the After Emotionnel on the world of cosmetics

Around the theme “The emotional world of cosmetics”, Philippe Jourdan had the opportunity, as an international expert of the luxury and the beauty markets, to intervene to expose the last results of the study on the beauty’s sector which knows many developments.

The Philippe Jourdan’s intervention was followed by that of Aurélie Chavas, CEO and founder of Detoxetmoi, after several experience in the retail among L’Oréal and Yves Rocher … In order to share her experience on evolutions that the cosmetics’ world met.

Philippe Jourdan intervened during the Hi-Team’s evening on the subject of cosmetics and of the digitalization

During the evening organized by Hi-Team, Philippe Jourdan spoke in order to spotlight and expose the place of the digitalization in the beauty’s sector.

Valérie Jourdan travelled to New York to meet our customers

Valérie Jourdan, CEO de Promise Consulting, moved to New York to meet our customers and to present somme of the studies carried out.

Philippe Jourdan had made a presentation on the results of the barometer cross-chanal 2017.

In the context of the Happy CEW, Philippe Jourdan spoke for a conference on the theme “Physical trade vs digital trade: why does the cosmetic distribution well get out its pin of the game?”

Launch of MY ENERGY by Any D’Avray

Any D’Avray launches into the nutritional supplements to improve the everday life and the beauty of the women, she comes out her range : My Energy. Philippe and Valérie Jourdan had the pleasure to participate in her day of launch.