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The luxury market in China : what levers ? what potential ?

Promise Consulting, consultancy and marketing research, in collaboration with Exane BNP published the results of the 2 nd wave of the Barometer Promise Consulting – Exane BNP “Desirability & Exclusive 2015”. Drawn from the most wealthy Chinese women, the barometer highlights the first 15 deemed most exclusive brands and most desirable in China in the world of women’s fashion .

The study reveals a certain appeal to this clientele for large Parisian houses prancing on top of the ranking and embody the great luxury. A ith the development of Chinese consumer society and the emergence of an informed consumer, this study raises other issues and calls to rethink the luxury market in China.


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Barometer Promise Consulting – BNP Exane « EXCLUSIVITY & DESIRABILITY » 2015 : Chinese wealthy rank the Luxury brands

In collaboration with BNP Exane, a major player in the Financial Markets in Europe, recognized specialist in research and sector analysis of the luxury market, Promise Consulting, consultancy and studies marketing, publishes the results of the 2 nd wave of the Barometer Promise Consulting – Exane BNP “Desirability & Exclusive 2015”.

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Measuring Brand Exclusivity and Desirability – China.

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Promise Consulting

Monitoring Brand Assets© : Barometer “Desirability & Exclusivity” 2015 – China.

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Volkswagen : when communication is “FLU” !

Taking a global shift, the Volkswagen case (VW) has serious consequences today for the German group. Thus, beyond the fall of the share on the stock market (the largest in its history), the financial losses and future (the group faces a fine totaling 18 billion dollars), the brand image, flag bearer of the “made in Germany” and excellence is now tainted for cheating … What will be the eventual footprint for the manufacturer and for the various group brands (Porsche, Audi, etc.) ?
What impact on other automakers? How to rebuild the trust capital when we lied ?

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Storytelling : how efficient is brand strategy ?

In order to pursue its repositioning on storytelling for women, the agency 79C  (formerly Carlin Communication), has asked Promise, a marketing survey and consulting institute, to survey the perception of “storytelling” amongst more than 500 French citizens. This communication process is more and more used in several sectors, but the agency 79C wanted a focus on storytelling’s impact towards brand devoted to women, and more especially Fashion and Beauty.

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Promise joined the very closed circle of experts Internal Consulting Group (ICG)

Promise, research firm and consultancy in branding, becoming one of 300 highly qualified members of International Consulting Group (ICG). This network transnationally brings together the best experts in different fields (marketing, finance, governance, risk management etc …) aims to offer companies high-level consulting services.

Internal Consulting Group: a new approach of the Board
Since its creation in 2011, ICG brings together strategy consultants and high-value management, each with complementary skills , covering a broad spectrum of industries and trades.


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